On April 3rd, 2009 an active shooter entered the American Civic Association and brutally took 13 lives. Every year, on the anniversary of this tragedy, we honor the 13 brave souls that were taken from us. Unfortunately, this year on April 3rd, 2020 we will not be able to hold our memorial service due to health concerns regarding COVID-19. While this was a difficult decision, we recognize that one of the best ways to uphold the memory of those we lost is to remain committed to the safety of our community today. See below for how you can still show your support and solidarity. 


In memory of: 

  1. Parveen Ali

  2. Almir Olimpio Alves

  3. Marc Henry Bernard

  4. Maria Sonia Bernard 

  5. Li Guo 

  6. Lan Ho 

  7. Layla Khalil 

  8. Roberta King 

  9. Jiang Ling 

  10. Hong Xiu "Amy" Mao Marsland 

  11. Dolores Yigal

  12. Hai Hong Zhong

  13. Maria Zobniw

Though we may not be able to physically gather, we can still build bridges and show the strength of our community. Please share a message of unity and support below to let others, especially those personally affected by the 2009 shooting, know you are thinking of them. 


Messages will be shared on our social media platforms on April 3rd in lieu of a physical gathering.  

Message of Support

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