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Updated: Aug 5, 2020


** If you are experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus, call your doctor/clinic/hospital before going in**

● Non-US citizens should seek testing if they feel any symptoms of Covid-19, including fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath. Use this tool from the CDC to find out if you need to get tested. (you can also get screened online at UHS)

● The Families First Act provides funding for coronavirus testing for anyone who is uninsured. This applies to testing at community health centers, doctor’s offices, and outpatient clinics

● If you are pregnant or under 18 in New York, you can get healthcare coverage at low or no cost. Refer to

Domestic abuse

This can be a triggering time for everyone, where emotions run high and it is hard to have space for yourself. If you are quarantining with an abuser in your home, there are things you can do to try and reduce your interactions with them and protect yourself.

  1. Try to reassure them that things will be okay, focusing on the present or future. If things get tense, remember EAR: Empathy, Attention, and Respect when talking to them in order to deescalate the situation.

  2. Document everything--write down if you get into an argument, if they threaten you, or anything that can be useful if you want to press charges in the future. Remember, if you ever seriously fear for your safety or wellbeing when quarantining with your abuser, seek emergency shelter or call a domestic abuse hotline.

  3. Hotlines/Shelters in Binghamton:

  4. National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE

  5. RISE Hotline/Shelter information (located in Endicott) 607-754-4340

  6. Crime Victims Assistance Center for counseling 607-722-4256 or text 607-725-8196


● Salvation Army Food Pantry at 127-131 Washington St. Binghamton

○ Open M-F 10am-2pm

● Our Lady of Sorrows Food Pantry at 801 Main St. Vestal

○ Open Tuesdays 12-2pm

● Catholic Charities Food Pantry (call for days/hours)

○ 100 Main St. Binghamton (607) 723-4563

202 Garfield Ave. Endicott (607) 741-0011


● Emergency Shelters (if you do not have housing or do not feel safe in your current housing)

○ YWCA at 80 Hawley St. Binghamton (607) 772-0340 (currently at capacity)

○ YMCA at 61 Susquehanna St. Binghamton (607) 772-0560

○ Volunteers for America at 320 Chenango St. Binghamton (607) 772-1156

○ Broome County Department of Social Services at 36-42 Main St. Binghamton

■ For families experiencing homelessness 8am-4pm

■ After 4pm or on weekends, those facing homelessness should call 911

○ For any types of assistance during the pandemic, you can call 211


● Concerns about an employer and safety in the workplace

● Small Business Assistance

○ Small Business help/applying for small business loans

● Unemployment benefits

○ Unemployment Insurance

■ Temporary income for sudden job loss

■ Cannot be the fault of employee

■ Can apply if you are unable to work or have reduced hours due to COVID19

■ Can apply if you’re self employed or work part-time (under certain circumstances)

○ Benefits have been expanded due to the the outbreak of coronavirus

■ background/how to apply

Financial Strategies for Self-Employment:

● Job opportunities

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